Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Friday!

This will be short, as I am on my way out to a photo shoot.  It has been such a gorgeous morning, but now it seems the sun is hiding behind some clouds - and I hope that doesn't mean bad weather.... oh, well - make the best of what it is!  This is a business photo shoot - and I always get much more nervous doing these.  So much about photography is about style - and we all have different styles.  With babies, children, families, etc. I can talk and laugh and kind of get their personality showing -- but with a business it's not like that... it is all about angles and depth of field and content.  So while I am excited about this photo shoot - I have nerves fluttering around too. 

I have to remind myself that this is not my diary - I have to be careful of what I write in here.  But at this point I feel it is pretty safe, as I'm pretty sure I'm the only one reading it.  But still... you just never know! 

If you have joined me - I hope you have a great day.... I'll be back later to report on how this photo shoot went... and please say a prayer for me that I capture what I need for the client!

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