Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to accomplish another day...

The weather this morning is making me feel very lazy. But that can't last too much logger, because I have so much to get done. Much of it is ruled bt appointments - which on a lazy day is probable a good thing. Oh - I just wanted to point out that I do realize this blog is supposed to be about my photography, but often is more like my diary - just give me the benefit of the doubt that it does all go together. I don't turn from one person into a photographer and then back into my original person again - so it will just all have to be mingled. Just celebrate the fact that I'm not pouring out all of my personal issues on this blog...I'll save that for the ultra-personal Blog I'm considering that woul,d of course, be a sign-in-only blog.

But about photography. I upgraded my 50mm lens and now am faced with the decision to sell the 50 that I already had. But it's my friend! I don't know who of my friends doesn't have one - that I could then give this one to. And at the same time, I'm trying to discipline myself that it is more fair (yes, that is grammatically incorrect!) that someone else pay something for it, and I put that amount towards the replacement lens. Anyway, I guess this is rambling...thinking out loud.

I am doing photography for a book - kind of a magazine-book. It's called Crave Charlotte, and it's keeping me very busy! And I am enjoying it immensely. I have learned how much I enjoy doing commercial shoots - and definitely want to do more of that as part of my career. The most exciting part is not only that I enjoy it, but that it seems that I'm good at it! I don't take compliments very well - usually back out the moment a compliment is given - but this is something I have worked so hard to achieve that hearing "you nailed it!" or that my photos are "head on" is so exciting because it means my work to get to where I am wanting to be has shown accomplishment. So now go spread the word - send your friends with businesses my way. Let me show them what I can do for them to help promote their business in photos!

Thank you ton to those who follow my Blog. A special thank you to those who follow and let me know! That means the world to me! And if you want to do anything to help my new and developing business grow - SHARE me! Share my Photography by DonnaKay Facebook page - LIKE it yourself, if you haven't already. And visit my website at If you would ever like more info - if you would like any of my business cards to share, or would even like one of the pens with my logo on it because you are out of pens - please send me an email!!!

Have a great day! Be back soon!

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