Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's HOW much for insurance coverage?!

Anyone who really knows me very well (now many people will claim they know me very well - but actually few really, really do!) will know that I am a rule-follower.  (Of course, I can also break rules, but I try to live my life following them.)  And one lesson I don't want to have to learn the hard way is that I should have had insurance coverage on my camera equipment.  So in the midst of everything else I'm trying to get done each day right now, I finally took care of insurance as well.  I called my ever-friendly insurance company (who I have to say has proven time and time again to be very trustworthy) and told them what I needed.  I answered all of their questions as honestly as possible (and yes, I do know there were probably cheaper ways to get this done! But I do like that honesty) and I got my quote before "signing on the doted line" and nailing down the coverage.  Lately I feel like my life is in a whirlwind - and there are a million (well, maybe not a million - but it feels like it!) people giving me their opinions on what to do and not do and how to do it or not do it.  Insurance is an issue that to me was just not debatable.  And when you need insurance for something, it is priceless... but when you are finding out the price you have to pay for it, it does make you cringe!  Yet, right now I feel like the responsible person here -- rather the responsible sole proprietor of my business.  And that is such a great feeling. 

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