Thursday, April 7, 2011

Only because I love it....

Today was a long day - but also a good day.  Had a great photo shoot with a sweet little baby and her mama.  Realized many times through my day that I am a very blessed woman.  I love all the new people I meet along the way on this journey - and I especially love how many people in the photography business celebrate with me. 

So much has come together this week with my photography business - and today I got everything settled and signed with opening my business checking account.  For many people this excitement would seem silly - but for me, my primary job for most of my life has been Mom.  I have always put all of myself into being the best Mom I could be and always enjoyed my role, but now with my kids grown it is my time to shine and reach for my dreams.  So I am reaching!  There was something very gratifying about seeing my name on the paperwork as "sole proprietor" of my business - and honestly I felt a little guilty for a moment.  But then I felt proud of myself (mind you, not in a "prideful" way!)  One thing I've promised myself is that I will only keep on with this dream as long as I love it... I won't compromise who I am or what I believe in for it.  It is so great each day to feel so blessed to be doing what I am doing - to love doing something this much! 

Tomorrow is another busy day.  A photo shoot during the day - and then spending the evening with friends... I hope you have a great night!

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