Monday, April 11, 2011

A quiet nice and needed!

I'm finding it was such a great decision to have a quiet Monday.  Sometimes the busyness just takes over and I get to the point of feeling frustrated that I'm not getting other things done that are important to me.  Plus, I was asked to keep a sweet almost 1-yr-old for the day.  How could I pass that up?  My kids are grown - all 3 are in their 20's now - so I am at that place between raising kids and one day having grandchildren.  So this little girl is kind of like my trial run at being a grandmother.  And she is also a subject in many of my photos.  I have so much fun taking her picture! 

Very soon I am taking a trip.  The first thing I did when beginning to plan for this trip was to start thinking of what I needed to pack for my photography.  I can find a need for every lens that I own - but know there is just no way that everything can be taken.  I am one that always seems to need whatever I DIDN'T bring when I am away from home - whether it is photography, shoes, or anything else!  But I'm just trying to make sure that all of the bases are covered in what I could need on this trip.  Of course, after I get through choosing the lenses, then I have to settle on a bag!  Ugh... choices are just not always a great thing for me!

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