Friday, April 29, 2011

Social networking....hmmm....

My son is moving out.  Ok - anyone who follows my blogs must remember that I did say at least once that I can be very random sometimes... and I know my opening comment seems very random!  But let's just go with it here!  So... my son is moving out.  He's 22-yrs-old, and it's his first "real" move away from home.  It's for his job - and he'll be living about 2 1/2 hours away from home.  My way of dealing with it is by getting lost in my photography...editing photos, organizing camera equipment, working on brochures and price lists (which it's my goal to get done by mid-May.)  Sometimes things just seem so complicated.  It's no longer enough to just be good at something... you also have to be "plugged in" to the right connections, including the social networking.  Now I'm not a stranger to the internet - not one bit!  In fact, much of my work requires computer use, and for years I've kept up-to-date on using computers, latest software, etc.  But some of the social networking is really confusing to me!  Facebook can be really fun - and I've loved LOVED getting back in touch with some friends from the past... seeing where some people have gone in their lives, getting the opportunity to reunite with some lost friends, and it was really great when my oldest son was deployed with the Navy a couple of years ago and we could stay in constant touch through Facebook!  Yet now I'm finding that it's important to have Facebook for my business... and then I was told it was important to start blogging and tweeting!  Tweeting - really?  Who really cares that I'm brushing my teeth - or driving through the bank - or stopping by Dunkin Donuts again for a cup of coffee?  But the blogging...honestly, I'm finding it more like cheap therapy!  I have no idea who is reading what I write - and have to sometimes click that "delete" button a lot to erase something I've written that I maybe don't want "out there."  Overall, though, I find it very refreshing to just put it out there - just be myself and let YOU decide if you want to come back and read more. now the Mom in me is saying I really need to check on my son - make sure that he's getting things in order for his big move.  And also I might check and make sure that he hasn't packed up all of the upstairs bath towels!!  Then I'll get back to my photography - and tomorrow I'll count on my camera to help me deal with the sadness that I know will set in as I watch him drive away. 

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