Thursday, April 7, 2011

Still awake!

It has been such a long and busy day - yet here I am still awake.  Today was pretty much a day of working on Photography by DonnaKay business stuff... getting set up in a business the "right way" is a lot of work.  After much headache I finally got my logo design finished - which I still find sad that it took so long, since I knew exactly what I wanted and had it sketched out.  All I needed was someone to put it into an Adobe Illustrator file for me to be able to use.  But it is done - and I am happy with it.  And now I have even found myself learning how to use the AI program a little bit more since I have been figuring out how to change colors, remove background color (layers) etc.  There is still so much to learn - but I'm trying to just celebrate my accomplishments along this journey, rather than focus on how much more work there is to be done.  Today my business cards arrived - and that is so exciting!  It's all moving along so quickly - but don't think it is without many bumps in the road!  I could never even start to count how many times I've thought or said "that's it - I am just quitting -- I'll sale my equipment and just go back to life as it was before..." but photography has taken on so much more in my life than just being a hobby.  It fulfills something in me - and I continually strive to put that back into my photos.  

I hope this blog finds you well tonight... it's late and I have a photo shoot with a sweet baby girl tomorrow.  Her mother was my first (and so far only) testimonial, which will always be special!  In some ways I feel like I am just going to spend time with a friend tomorrow, rather than to do my job.  Wow - I am blessed!

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