Saturday, April 9, 2011

A very long day...but oh, how good of a day it was....

Don't you just love when you can't go to sleep because your day was so great you don't want it to end?  Today was one of those days for me.  Usually it seems those kinds of days are followed very quickly by one of the worst days -- but for now I'll not worry about that.  I'm just going to enjoy the satisfaction of having had such a great day. 

I had a photo shoot today - a commercial shoot - and it was so much fun.  I know I've said it before - but it is so awesome doing something that I love so much!  But it is twice as much fun when it also makes someone else happy - and when someone sees my photos and loves them... well, there's no describing how happy that makes me!

My very busy day ended with dinner with friends... another photographer who has many years of experience over me - but along with being a mentor, she has also become a very good friend.  And of course, along with describing my photo shoot today, I had to give her a peak at the photos and get her opinion.  Wow - a complete thumbs up... but even better, the words "you nailed it." I felt like I had arrived!  I hope that as I become more and more experienced and seasoned that I am able to be an encouragement and supporter to someone else who is new in the game... that I can one day mentor someone in the same kind way I've found in this friend. 

Tomorrow is going to be quite a busy day as well - with a pregnancy photo shoot in the afternoon.  So hopefully I can find in my exhaustion the ability to now sleep.  Goodnight!

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