Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why is this so hard for me?!

Part of my nature seems to be doing things for people...I love to do things for others!  I love to give things away (anyone who is close to me knows that I am thrilled to give stuff to them!)  Photography is something that gives me so much joy, and that has been the main reason I have worked so hard to become a professional photographer.  I want to offer the best of myself in every photo that I take for someone.  But the hardest part is having to charge to do this!  I would love to just take photos and give them to people - but at some point I would most certainly go broke.  A lot of my time is in the work that I do - not to mention all of the money has gone in to classes, equipment, editing software and everything else that goes into all of this (traveling expenses, props, etc.)  But so far I still find it so hard when I have to give someone a price for something I have loved doing so much!!  Hopefully the passion that I have for my photography will also be what makes my clients eager to pay for my work as well. 

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