Thursday, April 28, 2011

You've got to hear this!!!

I don't know if you check out my website - or follow my Photography by DonnaKay facebook page - or if you are even a "friend" on my regular facebook page... but either way I'd love for you to check out my website at to hear the new music I just put on.  It was composed exclusively for my site by my awesomely talented and loving cousin, Jonathan Ansley of Money Puppet.  Check out Money Puppet facebook page as well - and LIKE them if you like what you hear!  ***Also - if you haven't already clicked the "LIKE" button on my Photography by DonnaKay facebook page, please do and show me some LOVE!  It would also mean so much if you would share my page with all of your friends so they would learn about my photography business!    <3  Hope you are all having an awesome day!   It's a beautiful day - but prayers continue for all that have been affected by the storms yesterday and last night. 

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