Sunday, May 1, 2011

A long day...

Have you ever been so tired that you can't rest? That is where I am right now. It has been so busy since I returned from vacation, and today was non-stop. And throughout then day I would think "if I could just sit still I would fall asleep" and here I am with a quiet house and the chance to sleep and I'm awake! My mind is telling me I should get up and do some things around the house - maybe get caught up on some ironing. But my body is telling me not to dare move - I am past the point of exhaustion.

I've been reflecting on some of the lessons I've had to learn lately: disappointments and feeling disrespected, letting go and allowing a child to take those steps into independence, balancing time to accomplish as much as possible within a short amount of time - just to name a few. I'm like anyone else - I don't like any kind of suffering on my own part. But I have cme to appreciate lessons and the growth thatmcmes from surviving them. I pray they will make me wiser and compassionate; that I will become a more passionate person for the people and thngs that are important to me. I've even learned to find a way to be thankful for these lessons - believing that it was because of some good old lesson learning that imset out in this journey. So I guess that would be considered a success story!

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