Thursday, May 12, 2011

Loving this catch-up day....

Are you ever so busy you just don't know how you will accomplish even a fraction of what you know you need to do?  That is how my entire week has been up until today.  Somehow I have managed to keep up pretty much - but I am enjoying today being a day to just catch up on things around my house.  Of course, my list of things that have to be done is still here with me - but I am getting to them as I can. 

I went outside earlier to check the mail and was thrilled to see that my Daylilies are about to bloom any day.  I will anxiously get up in the morning for the next week and go outside to see if I can catch them first thing in the morning.  They are always so beautiful, fresh and such a reminder that Spring is well on and Summer is right around the corner.  The colors are so beautiful this Spring, and the first purple flower has bloomed on the plant near my lightpost in the front yard.  The allergies of Spring might just about knock me out, but at least it's beautiful all around.  The thing I have missed seeing the most though are the baby ducks.  Seems there just aren't many around this year! 

Here are a couple of photos from my walk to the mailbox.  The Daylilies are right there - kind of teasing that they will open any day. 

It has been a very busy week, with several photo shoots.  The tougher part of the week has been in moving my youngest child out of her apartment at college back home for the Summer.  But she decided at short notice that she actually was just going to move out of the apartment altogether and live in the sorority house for Fall Semester, since she graduates in May anyway.  So it has been a scramble to arrange for help, trailers for towing, storage, etc.  It's always something, huh?

I hope your week has been going well - and check back often.  I will write more later - but for now, I've got to get back to my list!

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