Friday, May 6, 2011

Makes me who I am....

 This is another photo from my "past" -- it is my daughter (she's my baby - and she's 20-yrs-old now).  Tomorrow she is taking her MCAT - and she has been preparing in some way or another for years for this moment.  In my heart I know she is ready for this step - but I still continue to pray for her to sleep well tonight and to feel rested and peaceful in the morning with the energy and stamina that she will need to get through the demands of this test. 

My daughter has been one of my biggest supporters as I've pursued my journey into this new photography business.  She will give me her honest opinion, which is something I've always been able to count on from her when it comes to anything in my life.  I've even been so fortunate to have her go with me on a baby photo shoot as my helper - and she ended up having the time of her life.  Of course, when we got in the car afterwards she said "I had no idea you worked so hard being a photographer!"  But I look at who she is and realize she has in some way or another challenged me her entire life.  Many people who get to know us will see quickly the similarities in our personalities (not to mention that she looks so much like I did at her age!), and I can quickly say that I would go through every difficult thing I've ever experienced if it took that to make her who she is today.  I believe she is the very best of me. 

Who challenges you in your life?  We should all have that "someone" who pushes us to be the best we can be!  I would love to hear from you!

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