Monday, May 2, 2011

Moments defined by a photo or a song....

For me life could probably be a musical. I've always been a bit dramatic, I guess. I always felt like the big fights with boyfriends were somehow romantic - and somehow would think "oh, this moment reminds me of this song..." Of course, I did mature out of that, but I still very often will be in a situation in my life and think "oh, this song would define this moment." Crazy, huh? Funny thing is, my daughter is also like that! We could give a list of songs that would perfectly sum up what's going on around the moment anytime. For me, photography is that way too. Looking at photos I've taken - especially the ones from when my kids were very young or when my Grandmother was still alive. I will look at the photo and remember what I was feeling when I took the picture, or what was going on in life at the time. And isn't that one of the reasons we love photography? It captures the moment - preserves it so it will never be forgotten. I love photography - and I hope that the work I do will always make then people who see it feel something. I want to make them smile, laugh or even cry - just never forget the moment.

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