Sunday, May 8, 2011

What makes a day special?

By now I'm sure you know today is Mother's Day.  Hopefully the special Moms in your life were reminded in some way of how special they are to you - and if you are a Mom, I hope you know how special your role in life is to so many people.  You are irreplaceable and special. 

Do you ever wonder what is it that makes a day special?  Is it the people that are around - or the activities of the day?  Does a particular date actually make the day special or is it really much more than that?  I wonder if Thanksgiving would still feel special if nothing was different about it from any other day.  Somehow I think it is the family and friends, the food that we eat too much of, and the parade and football game that make it feel so special to us. 

With today being Mother's Day, ideally I would have loved having all three of my kids with me for the day.  When they are all together there is so much laughter much of the time.  But it didn't turn out that way.  As they are living their grown-up lives, it also means that I have to adjust to not always being the center of their universe.  And this is okay for me, because I want my kids to be independent and happy and have their own lives.  I did get to have some contact with each one of them... and my daughter has been with me for the entire day.  The best part of my day, though was spending it with my Mom on one side of me at lunch, and my daughter on the other.  Even though there were some other very special people missing from the equation, I was thankful for the moment. 

To celebrate Mother's Day for myself, I made sure to take a photo of my Mom today.  She looked so happy while just the 3 of us (she, Chelsea and I) were sitting at Starbucks drinking out coffees, talking and laughing.  It was a great time to have my camera right there with me (surprise!) 

I hope this has been a great day for you - and I hope there have been things in your day to make it special!

Oh - and here is something a little special for you.  I stopped on the way to meet my Mom for lunch - there is a gorgeous field of flowers on the side of the highway, and I had to pull over and take a photo.  Hope it makes you smile!

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