Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What makes success?

Going into business is tougher than I thought.  And it's probably harder for me than even some people, because I am so particular about so many things.  I want everything done just right - every "t" crossed and "i" dotted.  No rules broken.  But that has taken many, many hours of many days...and more money than I care to think about most days!  Now I am reaching that plateau, where the craziness starts to calm down, and it's time to actually get to work in the business.  I want so much for my photography business to be successful, but tonight I found myself wondering exactly what that needs to mean for me.  For many people, success can be defined by the amount of money they make...and as a photographer, I guess that would be one way to define success.  Or in this line of work, it could be by how booked up your schedule stays.  So I definitely have a lot to work towards... but in some ways I already feel that I have succeeded at much in this field.

This is the wrong blog page for me to get into all of the specifics of what pushed me to really pursue my dream of being a photographer at this point in my life... but what I will share is that I DID pursue my dreams at this point in my life.  I DID decide that this is what I wanted, what I am good at, and I was willing (and am willing) to pay the price, to put in the work necessary, to make this all work out.  That is a success.  Often, when someone has seen some of my work, they seem happy and pleased with what they see... whether it is a personal photo of them or someone they love, or just a photo in general that I've taken.  That really doesn't matter.  I feel that I have succeeded because I have brought a smile - some feeling - to someone through a photo I captured of a moment.

With my kids, I've always told them that success cannot be measured by any amount of money or fame or popularity.  Success had to be feeling happy inside yourself that you were doing something that made a difference; that you were doing what you were good at and doing your best at it.  Even that people who make lots of money aren't necessarily successful if they are miserable in their life.  So - by that definition I am there -- I am successful.  Because at the end of my day, I am happy with what I am doing.  I love being behind my lens...working to capture that moment.  I don't worry about how much or how little money it makes right now (although I won't lie - I do hope that improves!) or that my schedule isn't slammed busy right now.  I am taking it slowly - doing it the right way - not feeling that I have to run anyone else down to make it, but rather trusting that God will lead me in the right direction and in His timing, I will enjoy true success.  For now, I am happy with each days successes.  It is enough for me!

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