Friday, May 13, 2011

Yay to Friday!

This has been one of those "glad it's almost over" kind of weeks.  It has come from all sides - and all week long.  To top it off, the ac in my house is definitely not cool.  And the soonest the repairman can come out is Monday morning.  So I'm praying for a cold front to come through any time!  (Snow right now would be awesome!)  But so far, it's just looking like I'll be spending more time upstairs (usually the warmer part of my house - but that ac is going fine, although a bit overworked right now!) or finding reasons to get out of the house.  Later on I may share a little more about my rough week - but for now, I'm gathering my lessons learned from tough experiences, and applying them to growing into a stronger woman! 

I did get outside to grab a few pictures of the new blooms... it's the most exciting part of Spring for me!  I love the bright colors of new blooms - and how perfect they look.  I guess it's kind of like my excitement whenever I get to do photos of a newborn baby... they are just so perfect!

Have a great afternoon!!! 

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