Saturday, May 7, 2011

You get out of it what you put into it....

Good morning!  It is such a beautiful Saturday morning - and a very special weekend.  I want to wish all of the other mothers a very happy and blessed Mother's Day!  Your role on this earth is very important, and even though there are many times that you probably feel very unappreciated, unrecognized, etc. you are irreplaceable and special.  Motherhood is definitely one of those roles that often comes with self-sacrifice - but it is worth every little pain, disappointment or moment of loneliness and exhaustion.  Enjoy tomorrow, as it is a day in our honor!  Ok...moving on....

As you read my blogs you will get to know me a little bit better, and you will find that I am a huge believer in self-sacrifice, personal responsibility, consequences, honesty, etc.  I firmly believe that you get out of life what you put into it... and sometimes the proof seems a bit sluggish or delayed, but it will come.  This blog is actually designed to help me share as I go through the daily stuff of getting my photography business up and going... something I've been warned could take a few years!  If that is the case, then it is good I didn't try to do this in my 20's when I was a much less patient person.

I am actually a very shy personality in many ways.  Social situations can almost paralyze me sometimes!  I've been told along the way after someone has finally gotten to know me that their initial thoughts about me were that I had to be a snob because I was so quiet... but once they got to know me they realized there is not a snobby bone in my body!  I often think about that when I am in a situation where I am closed up in my shell (probably fighting so my panic attack doesn't show to the crowd that surrounds me!)  But if you get me in a smaller group - say just a couple of people - and give me the chance to find some comfort and safety there, I will come out of my shell. Yet, I am still a work in progress when it comes to feeling comfortable with lots of people I don't know... and the past many months have brought both some wonderful people into my life along with some disappointment and hurt feelings. Continually I look at it all as part of the process to making my dreams come true... and I know it will all be worth it.

As I've worked these last many months to get this business officially up and going, I've had opportunities to meet many other people in the same situation as I am with this business... some may be a little bit ahead of me, and some may even be right where I am or a couple of steps behind.  Of those people, I am so happy to say that many of them have been supportive, helpful and very kind.  It is awesome when someone who is NOT a photographer sees my photos and compliments them or offers vigorous support for my pursuits - that is a lot of what drives me in my determination to continue striving for my dream.  But it is another place altogether when another photographer offers his or her compliments or encourages me to do more with my talent - because in the real world, we would be seen as "competitors."  This brings me to something I am NOT - and that is competitive.  If a situation comes up where there is competition, I will back off and let the other person have it.  It's not a lack of self-confidence - it is just that I don't feel I need to compete with someone else.  Maybe I am naive, but I truly believe that if I am the right photographer for a job, then I will get the job.  If someone sees my work, and they like my style... they meet me and they like my personality to work with them to get what they are after for their photography needs... then it will work out.  If it's about bidding against another photographer, or having to go in and sell myself over someone else, I can only give the facts - which is my work and my personality.  I hope that my honesty, my loyalty and determination matter... my years of life-experience make a difference... but more than anything, I hope that my talent will be what sells me as the photographer that someone would choose. 

I am putting everything into my work as a photographer.  And I know a lot about sacrifice.  My feelings the past few months have been sacrificed many times.  But I am learning from those situations... hoping to develop a thicker skin.  I also take each hurtful situation... each disappointment or let-down and allow it to help me grow - both as a person and as a photographer.  No matter what seems to be going on around me, though, nothing lessens my love and passion for my photography.  And that is what continues to drive me in my pursuit.  That is when I am thankful for the patience I have developed over many years... because that is what will give me the endurance to stick it out. 

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