Thursday, June 30, 2011

They're Engaged!!!!

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THEY'RE ENGAGED!! It's one of those times where you wonder which force will be the strongest - the Mother or the Photographer.  I must say, there was not battle - I was a woman with 2 personalities!  I could not imagine missing any of the moment with my camera right there... and I was right there.  When my son and his girlfriend of 3 1/2 years were going out to go swimming in the lake, he looked like he was carrying something wrapped in the towel he had a little extra carefully - so after they walked out the door I changed my lens to me 70-300mm and headed out to sit in the back yard.  Not within hearing distance (sadly!) but I could see with my lens on my camera.  Come on, you have to admit that looks better than me sitting out there with binoculars!  And who doesn't like the idea of having every moment of that SPECIAL moment in life recorded in photos?  

 So, as I'm kind of lurking in the background (come on, with a 70-300, I didn't need to be too close!) Tommy and Krystal were just floating around, and he said "I love you."  She responded "I love you, too." And his proposal was "Well, then marry me!"  I believe she kind of laughed a little, as I'm sure the discussion has come up several times in 3 1/2 years -- and then he put the ring in front of her.  At that point I heard the only part of the conversation as she said "REALLY!!??" and thus the rest of the photos!

 After all the oohing and ahhing, hugs and congratulations - oh, and close up picture of the ring.....
 we went to eat in one of the finest restaurants in Shelby, NC -- Red Bridges BBQ!!!  It's one of the places Tommy had been wanting to go before leaving to return to his Navy duty - so we had to visit!

 After we got home, we went for a ride in the pontoon on the lake... me, of course, with my camera (great photo time!)...

 So, add to my list of titles "mother-in-law-to-be" now! 

And to Krystal.... Welcome to our family.... we love you very much, and hope you and Tommy share a lifetime of happiness and blessings!  I would definitely love Grandchildren -- and hope and pray that they live somewhere close to me so I can see them very, very often!!

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