Friday, June 3, 2011

I can DO anything, but I'm not BEST at everything...

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When I first started this journey into my photography business I had an overwhelming feeling that I had to be able to offer everything to everyone.  "Yes, I can do that!" was a phrase I would practice with myself often whenever I was alone.  But as time has gone by and I've done more and more photo shoots, I've recognized more of my strengths and weaknesses -- but more so, I've found more of my niche.  And to me, I feel that is very important to being able to offer someone the difference in good photography and great photography.  My first love with photography (not counting taking photos of my children) has always been nature and landscapes.  Wanting to capture what I'm seeing with my eyes to be permanently recorded in a photo.  And that love remains.  Now as I've done more and more portrait-style photo shoots, though, I have found out how much I love some more than others. A baby photo shoot always takes my breath away!  Maybe because I am such a maternal person anyway (anyone who is around me has to put up with my mothering) but it also is where I am most comfortable, in control and relaxed with my camera.  And that same feeling is there when I'm shooting other lifestyle-type photos: children, families, get the idea.  But the whole thing with finding what is my niche, is also recognizing what is not.

I have been approached about photographing weddings, and right off that pressure was there that I should never say NO to any job - always offer everything to everyone.  But the simple truth is that I want to offer only the best of myself to any client for whom I do a job.  And my heart is not in wedding photography at this point in time.  In my opinion, it is always best to be honest and know when to stay within your own limits.  One of my greatest nightmares when it comes to photography is not getting the job done the best it can possibly be done.  It's not that I feel I'm not capable of doing the job - and doing it well (enough.)  It's more that for me, well (enough) is not enough!  I want it to be awesome!  As I grow in my talent and skills, I have no doubt that I will find other areas of photography that I simply love - and others that I know are just not going to be my expertise. I hope I am always someone who will recognize the difference, and that I will remain honest in what I offer to someone else professionally. 

So as a photographer, I will run my business this way: if I am approached about a job that I feel is out of my realm of ability, and within my niche -- I will be very appreciative and humbled at the request, but will kindly decline and refer someone whom I feel is much more able to provide the kind of work I would consider "best" for the situation.  I've always believed that if you're going to do something, do it with all of your heart and do your very best.  But I also believe it's smart for anyone to recognize what they are good at, but also what they really are not so great at -- and to stick to what they do best.  And if that's not how everyone else does business, then that is simply ok.

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