Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's the subject?

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Recently I went to a workshop/seminar led by an awesome nature photographer... and I was in the company of some great photographers who left me in awe with their talent.  It was a great day - and I took so much away from all that was talked about that day.   Apparently one of the greatest things I took away was the importance of identifying my subject with my photo.  As much as I love nature and landscape photography, and that will probably always remain my first love as a photographer, I certainly didn't start my photography business thinking that I could support a business with nature or landscape shots.  Lifestyle photography is where I find myself happy and hoping to pursue a long and thriving career.  In the time since this workshop I have thought about all that was talked about in reference to nature photography and how it still applies to me as a lifestyle photographer.  And the most important point is still identifying my subject.  I love the props - the cute hats, cocoons, blankets and such.... and I love the awesome locations - train tracks, farms, beach and so many others.... but what I want someone to see most when they look at a photo I've taken is the people - that's where the life is.  That's the story.  The look in their eyes, the smile I catch on their face...that is what will hold my viewer.  And that is what will have them come back wanting to see more of my photos. 

Today I am so excited to be shooting a maternity shoot for a couple who is expecting their first child in a short time.  With the weather being so rough this year, we have had to reschedule this outdoor shoot several times.  I'm confident that tonight is it.... we will make this happen.  And my subject is this beautiful time in a couples life... this special time in the life of a woman who is about to meet her first child in just a few weeks.  I remember all too well all of the thoughts and dreams that go on in a woman's mind during that time... the anxiety and excitement of the unknown journey you are about to embark upon.  And that is what I want to capture in the photos that I take at this precious time for this couple.  THAT is my subject. 

****I am so excited to share this with you!!  I was approached last week by a site called All The Photographers who has done features on their blog highlighting photographers from around the world.  They had stumbled upon my Photography by DonnaKay facebook page, and liked what they saw.  Yesterday I was beyond thrilled and excited to find they had highlighted me in their blog - and I would LOVE to share this with you!!  I hope you will like it - and best of all, that you will share it!  Here's the link: http://allthephotographers.com/blog/photography-by-donna-kay-lifestyle-photography/

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