Sunday, July 17, 2011

Revealing Studio #1

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Hopefully this finds everyone relaxed at the ending of a nice weekend!  The weather here was a bit rainy yesterday and earlier this morning, but it was honestly such a nice break from the high temperatures we've been having this summer that I couldn't complain.  I've also had so much work to get done in my house... working on my two new photo studios has really been fun, but also a ton of work.  My husband and I painted almost every night last week - and most nights I would almost pass out into bed when it was finally time to quit and go to bed.  I'm thrilled to be able to share pictures of my Studio #1 with you... Studio #2 still has some work to be done, but as soon as it's available (along with the bathroom/dressing room in between the two) I will certainly put pictures up for you to see it as well.  

This is my favorite area -- the newborn photo shoot area.  Behind the doors are bins and bins or newborn props (hats, blankets, cocoons, tutus, headbands, etc.)... it is such a fun area!  And the blanket covers a comfy (and rather large!) prop that is like a huge beanbag puck that is pose-able to place a newborn on comfortably.  Directly across from this area are the large windows that you will see in the next photo. 
 You can see a few of the props -- boxes, an antique suitcase, and the blanket folded up right there is actually one that my Great-Grandmother made years ago!!  It is one of my favorite things!  I have several other areas in my house - and actually a walk-in storage area that has recently been added into our house where there are tons of baskets, antiques, coca-cola bins...just too many props to even name.
 The door you see goes into the bathroom/dressing room that connects Studio #1 and Studio #2... it's still being worked on (it has been painted the most beautiful light lime green, though!) and I'll show photos as soon as it is done!
 I just LOVE this mirror... and it's my newest addition.  It is at least 6 1/2 ft tall and was quite a challenge to get home in my Venza!
 I'm so happy I could share some photos with you....and I am excited that you are sharing this with me!  Hopefully you may be one of my first photo sessions in one of my new studios!  

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