Sunday, August 28, 2011

Morning After Irene

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It's amazing how a huge rain can clear the sky.  In the Spring a huge rain can wash the pollen off of the trees, out of the gutters, even off of the lawn furniture and make things a little bit cleaner and brighter.  While Hurricane Irene made a big mess for a lot of people, it was amazing how beautiful the sky looked the next morning.  There was still the swirl of clouds as the end of the hurricane was moving out... but even that seemed to be resting above , with a peek through at the ends of the clear sky that would follow.  

 The sky was so amazing and constantly changing that it was really hard to look away from it - and each photo was a little bit different from the one before it. 

Even the shine on the ocean as the morning progressed was breathtaking... the ocean looked like gold or silver shining in the sun.

Even though there were many evidences of the hurricane from the day before and there were still extreme gusts of winds as the clouds from the remainder of the hurricane were moving out, it was also still very hard to believe the difference a day could make.  

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