Friday, September 30, 2011

Great News!

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This has certainly been a busy week!  Months ago I signed up for an After Dark Education conference, and as the time drew near I became more and more excited.  Then Monday arrived and it was TIME!  Anyone that knows me personally knows that I am NOT a "big crowd" kinda girl... I'm great and fine one-on-one, but when I get into a crowd I have a bit (a large bit!) of social anxiety and seem to clam up.  Sadly, that is often misinterpreted - but the simple truth is I'm having a bit of an internal breakdown in group situations!  But I didn't let that stop me from what I really wanted to accomplish at this conference.  I packed my car with my gear and my clothes for a couple-of-day stay at the Hilton in Charlotte (even though it was barely 50 minutes from my home!) and away I went.  I was barely checked in when I ran into another photographer I had met in a class back in the Winter, and that made everything a little bit easier for me.  And from there the remainder of my time seemed to flow... in fact, before I knew it I was being booted out and sent back home with the wealth of knowledge and growth I had attained at this conference.  I met so many awesome fellow photographers - and grew so much in my business knowledge that it just didn't seem possible to have only spent 3 days of my life there.  

But as great and awesome as that part of my week was already - on Tuesday morning I checked email after I got up, and was beyond elated to receive an email from NAPCP - National Association of Professional Child Photographers that I had been reviewed and was invited to be a member of their great organization.  I could have screamed from the excitement!     (Ok - so maybe I did scream a little scream, but ONLY because at After Dark I believe the name reflects WHEN the most learning is going on... NO ONE sleeps until the sun starts coming up!!  Seriously!!!)     After I calmed down from my initial surprise and excitement, which probably resembled Christmas morning with a small child, I just felt honored and elated...and more than humbled than words can express to feel appreciated for the hard work I've put into my art and business as a Professional Photographer. 

This is only the first time you'll see me blog about my experiences this past week at After Dark... there is so much I took away from it that I want to share with you.  But right now I'm still reeling in it for a few more moments, processing each detail that I want to hold onto and ideas that I want to implement.  So stay close by!  You don't want to miss a thing.... I promise!!  --  And to the NAPCP... Thank you for the honor of being a part of your organization.  Thank you for recognizing my hard work and talent... I am thrilled and challenged. 

It has been a great week... and I hope you, my reader, will not only celebrate with me, but be challenged to reach for your dreams... we'll talk more about that soon.


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