Friday, September 16, 2011

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Have you checked out the "Original Images by DonnaKay" gallery that is new in my Online Store?  It has been an exciting venture to start offering some of my original images to sell for clients to hang in their homes or businesses.  For me each picture I sell holds a part of my heart, as so much passion goes into every picture I take.  Sometimes when I'm placing an order I will order an extra Standout - most of the time I want to hang it in my own home, and there are times that I want to give one as a special gift.  But I am offering these three for sale, at a special price, to whoever would want them.  These are 12 X 18 in size, which is one of my favorite things about a standout - I can keep the size I want without having to worry about how difficult it would be to frame them.  And if you don't know about the Standouts - they have quickly become one of my favorite.  They are very lightweight, and come ready to hang on the wall.  They are 3/4 inch thick, and the edges are black so they will compliment most any home or office.  They are treated with a Lustre finish, which provides a UV coating to keep them beautiful for years to come.  (of course, the sun is extreme and strong, so there is no guarantee if placed in direct sunlight that they won't fade within time... but that should be considered with anything in direct sunlight!)

My normal price on this size Standout (with a clients photo - not one of my own images) is $125 each (plus shipping, if needed) - but I am offering each of these for $89 (each Standout), which is a phenomenal price!  I only have one of each to offer at this price!  (The watermark that is shown in these examples is NOT what is on the photo - they will actually be hand-signed.  But I NEVER put my photos on a blog or facebook with a watermark for added security.) 

If you have interest in any of these pieces, please send me an email at -- or go to my website (link is above) and click on the "contact me" tab and leave a message there.  

Also, visit the Online Store soon at my website - and look through the Original Images by DonnaKay.  I will be adding more work to the Gallery, so check back often.  
Thanks!!  Have a GREAT day!!

 "Sunrise after the Storm"

 "O, Those Clouds"

 "Sunset Brings Promise"

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