Sunday, October 2, 2011

Change is sometimes tough...but usually necessary

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Who doesn't hate change?  After all, it's kind of scary!  Everyone has been up in the air about the changes on Facebook - including me at times.  I've been accused of being very inflexible when it comes to change in my life at times -- I just like my comfort zone and don't want to feel the growing pains that are so often associated with change.  But that's what it often is... growing pains.  And that is what I am implementing in my business now.  Photography by DonnaKay is going through major growth, and moving up to a new level.  

At the After Dark conference that I attended earlier this week I really concentrated on classes in business.  Everything from Pricing and Knowing WHY for your prices (down to a formula to figure it all out! Who knew?!) to Writing out a Business Plan.  But not a Business Plan to take to a bank for a loan (which if some changes didn't happen soon might end up the case!) - but rather a Business Plan to follow day-by-day in running my business.  To run a business that can grow and support itself.  Honestly, I have felt lost many times since starting my photography business.  I want to be nice to everyone - I LOVE my clients so much!  But then there have been so many times that I have realized I didn't make enough on a Session and Sale to even cover my costs... much less to run a business!  I'm not a big believer in "destiny", but if I was I would say that After Dark was a necessary part of the destiny of Photography by DonnaKay so that this business can really start to grow and flourish.  

I'm sure I have your attention and interest by this time - whether you are another photographer in business (whether you are getting ready to start a business or you are already an established business) or a client... especially if you are a client.   And I can assure you - it's nothing to be afraid of!  But there will be some necessary adjustments in order that I can offer the VERY BEST to all of my clients... changes so that I can sustain and grow in my business to be here for my clients for years to come.  

Two questions that were put in front of me were WHY and WHAT.... WHY do I want to have a photography business?  And WHAT do I want to accomplish - WHAT is my dream for my business - WHAT do I want to offer that makes clients want to come to me, return to me and refer to me.  And as simple as the questions sound, the answers were just as simple and the changes only necessary. 
I trust that my clients love my work enough to follow me to the next level... to evolve with me as my business grows.  In fact, my hope would be that they would be excited as well.  So hold on tight... this journey is taking a leap...I am reaching for the stars and making my dreams come true.  And I am so glad to have you along with me!

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