Tuesday, October 11, 2011

True Love.....

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What do you have hanging on the walls in your home?  My home is personal throughout... it's where I spend the most time in my life and I want it to feel comfortable and full of love...true love.  There are pictures hanging on most every available wall, but not all of them are photos.  A lot of what is hanging downstairs is artwork: large water colors, paintings, etc.  Each piece of this art has some special meaning to me.  But then everywhere through my home you will find photos...upstairs they are hanging in groupings all over the place!  There are enough photographs of my kids around my home that you could put them into a large album!  But they make me happy.  Each photo holds a special memory.  


This is a grouping of the beautiful Organic Bloom frames... I would LOVE to help you find a perfect grouping for your home, either for existing photos you have now, or added to a print order from a session with me that we customize just for you.  Either way, you will love having these hanging in your home.  And they come in so many sizes and colors!!  Please contact me if you would like more information.

Look around your home and see what your house says to someone who walks in the first time.   Does your home tell the story of your family - the story of you?  

Please visit my past blog where I'm hosting a giveaway of a mini-frame from Organic Bloom (much like one of the small frames in the picture above) - and it's SO easy to enter!  I would LOVE for you to have a chance to have one of these beautiful frames in your home.  

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