Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Captured Truth

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bridge to the sea

As a photographer I look at the world constantly through my lens.  Even when my camera is not right in my hand, I see things and immediately think of how I would capture it at just this or that angle to show the world just what I am seeing.  Years ago when I got my first dslr I would carry it around and think "What can I take a picture of?" but as time has passed, and as I've gotten older and more experienced with life {and photography} I find myself thinking "How can I not stop and capture this shot?" Colors and clouds, angles and contrasts... all of these things scream for me to stop that moment in time with my camera.  

serene ripples in the sunset

It's no longer just a sunrise or sunset...and it's no longer just a ripple in the water.  It's a moment that I want to stop forever and remember.  That moment evokes a feeling that I want to treasure and hold onto so that I can look back on it at a time that I need to revisit that feeling.  Isn't that what a picture should do for us?  I have often said I want my pictures to make you smile, laugh or cry... I want to touch your emotions.  I want to evoke feeling in you.  And I want you to come back again and again wanting to see more.  

My Superhero

My Angel

And when I capture a person, whether it is a newborn or someone who has lived a hundred years, I want that picture to reveal a part of who they are.   I want their eyes to show what they are be able to see the pain in their life, or the happiness in that moment.  My philosophy with living my life is to live it in truth... and I carry that into who I am as a photographer.  I want the images I capture to reveal the truth of the moment.  And then I am happy that I have accomplished my dreams...

Make your day a beautiful day! 

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