Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tying it Together

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Two weeks by the sea.  It sounds like the start of a novel... but it has been my last two weeks.  And while many people have thought maybe I was a bit crazy to be down here alone so much, it has been a lot of time on my with my camera, my thoughts & daydreams, coffee, editing, reading, SLEEP...maybe a little wine and definitely lots of walks on the beach!!  It will be very hard to return to "real life" - but I feel like I've been exactly where I needed to be during this time.  Just like the sand when the tide is coming in and going out, life often has a lot of shifting about... and it's good to have the opportunity to regroup a bit.  Sadly, many people are afraid of time alone...but as I've grown through my life I've learned to cherish those alone times and to see them as a gift.  To use them to work through the questions, hurts or overwhelming moments in my mind that get pushed back into some place that gets overly cluttered.  It has been a good couple of weeks, and I will be sad to see it end... but knowing that it won't be too long before I'll be back again definitely makes it easier.  And who knows, maybe next time I'll invite a few girlfriends down for some "girl power" time!!

My many walks on the beach have given much opportunity for many pictures... so many moments captured.  But let this just tie up one walk to share with you.  

Have an awesome day!!

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