Monday, November 21, 2011

What is Making YOU Wait?

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There's always a good excuse: "my hair needs to be cut" or "I don't like this haircut"... "I need to lose some weight" or even "I only have ten pounds left to take off and then I'll do it"... "the kids won't be still"... "we're all so busy"... "I don't have the money in the budget."  On and on it can go!

Hold on... what's the question? What is Making YOU Wait... for Family Photos.  Yes, I'm a photographer - and of course, I would love to take your pictures.  I would love to sell a big package.  It is how I keep my {newer} business running!  But I'm not talking about ME {specifically} taking YOUR {in particular} family pictures... after all, whoever is reading this could be from another city, state or country!!  (but don't get me wrong - I would absolutely LOVE to take your pictures!) I'm talking in a broader sense of the question.  Think about it: What is making you wait to do family pictures?  

Now I will admit... I do not like to be on that side of the lens.  Truthfully (and you will not find too many that will disagree with what I'm going to say) I am very UN-photogenic.  In fact, you can't take a picture that will turn out much worse than one with me in it.  BUT - I will quickly stop with my family to get pictures taken.  When my son is home from the Navy, I want my picture taken with him.  Think about it this way.  There is no promise for tomorrow.  NO - I'm definitely not trying to be morbid or depressing... but it's just a simple truth.  Do you think people who meet tragedy wake up expecting it?  That's why it's called tragedy.  And it's why we should live our lives as if each day could be the last.  Leave no regrets - nothing undone.  

When I am taking pictures, especially when it's within my own family, and someone constantly avoids the camera, makes an ugly face or throws their hand up in front of the lens, I will often ask them "is that how you want to be remembered years from now?"  Because let's face it... there does come a day that the only real thing left of us is the pictures.  (and I promise, if someone truly doesn't want their picture taken, I respect that!)

Then there's that aggravating budget... I definitely know how there's just never enough money to do everything you want to do.  But to me it seems that if you prioritize and plan for those special "picture times" each year or so, they are well worth the investment.  Because an investment is exactly what we are talking about here with family photos.  And if that's still not something that's possible for you, then consider that there are tons of photographers... many different "price points" to work with... so you can find someone who is within the range you can spend to do the job that will hold so many memories for years and years to come.  
Last year my daughter was moving out of her apartment at college.  We were there helping, and I always have my camera with me.  A couple of her close {guy} friends had come over to help - and I had my camera right there.  It's ALWAYS with me!  But I didn't take a single picture.  It was busy, and I just didn't make the time.  That will never happen again.  Less than a week later, one of the boys who was helping, Collin, died suddenly and unexpectedly after having surgery.  He was one of my daughters very close friends... I'd had a perfect opportunity to take his picture in those last days when he was with friends...laughing and enjoying his life.  I let it pass... and those memories are only in our minds.  
Family pictures.  They are more than a record of how much weight we need to lose, or the bad haircut we should have re-thought.  They are a moment captured and frozen... a moment that can be revisited over and over again in the future, shared for many years and touch many lives.  Don't keep waiting!

{and please - do call me if I can ever be of any help with capturing your family's special would be an honor!}

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