Friday, March 9, 2012

A Child As Special As Any Other

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Wednesday was one of those days that I had my time all planned out.  I had a list of all that I needed to accomplish, and was working my way down that list... and then the phone rang.  It was a call to do a session for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep... and it was not close by.  It would be a good hour and a half drive to get there.  I have noticed a trend that these calls seem to happen on the days when my equipment is not neatly packed in my bags - ready to head out the door; when I have been a bit lazier about getting dressed up (you know, even drying my hair rather than letting it air dry and pulling it into a ponytail!)... and this day was no different.  My hair was a bit crazy and no makeup had touched my face.  Fortunately, it wasn't one of those days where I waited until the end of the afternoon to hit the shower.  For that I was thankful!  Funny thing is that when these calls some in, somehow what my hair or makeup look like just doesn't seem too important anymore - and this time was no different.  I quickly gathered all the equipment, hats, blankies, release forms, etc., that I would need to take with me... threw on some blue jeans and a shirt, slipped on a pair of boots and headed out the door.  Oh... I did grab a Nutri-grain bar and a Diet Dr. Pepper, since I hadn't had anything to eat yet for the day!  A friend was planning on coming over for a few hours in the afternoon, so I had to call her when I was in my car and on my way.  As usual, my drive there consisted of many thoughts and prayers, going over my mental lists to make sure I had everything in order... and I was blessed to have a friend to talk with on the phone for much of the drive. finish this blog, please click to go to the NEW blogpage on my website!  A Child As Special As Any Other

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